Undergraduate Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get out of participating at ICD?  

  • Being an undergraduate at the Institute for Child Development is a great opportunity to get experience for graduate school or for jobs after graduation.
  • Students interested in clinical psychology, school psychology, educational psychology, developmental psychology, behavioral psychology, special education, speech pathology, social work, and teaching are especially encouraged to participate.
  • The wide range of class choices available allows a student to tailor an experience that is most beneficial to his or her goals.
  • Students looking primarily for hands-on experience with children with developmental disabilities.
  • Students looking for a combination of research and hands-on experience can enroll as research assistants in 355. This will provide exposure to both interest areas, although not as intensive hands-on experience.
  • Students interested in just research can take multiple semesters of 397. A combination of track and non-track classes can be taken if a student would like a specific combination of experiences.

How much time will participating at the ICD take?

  • Participation in any class at the Institute takes about 12 hours per week. The hours may be distributed in a variety of ways depending on the course you are taking: direct work with children, preparation for work with children, studying, seminar, research, training, projects, reading etc.

Can I just volunteer and not sign up for a class?

  • No. The only exception is for part-time employment over the summer, which is contingent upon enrollment in at least two courses within the ABA Track.

How do I find out if I am accepted and how do I register?

  • Brief interviews are conducted during the general information session. Acceptances are typically posted within two weeks of your interview and applicants are notified by email that decisions have been made. Do NOT contact the psychology advising office regarding your status of enrollment in 355. They will not be able to answer your questions about whether or not you are able to enroll in PSYC 355. 
  • Specific registration instructions will be provided in your emailed notification of acceptance.