Request Letter Of Recommendation

How to Obtain a Letter of Recommendation

Please turn in the following paperwork to the front office or a graduate supervisor at the ICD:

  1. Recommender Request Form (please download form below)  - If you have not taken the GRE's or they are not required, please note this on the form.
  2. Resume or curriculum vitae
  3. List of schools to which letters are to be sent, and school deadlines
  4. Stamped envelopes, addressed to the schools - Dr. Romanczyk's address will be stamped as the return address, so please leave the return address blank

Other important information:

  • Upon completion, letters are mailed from the ICD directly to the school.
  • Letters will not be given back to students under any circumstance.
  • If a school requires letters to be sent with the application packet, you may mail the packet from the ICD with staff supervision.
  • If school requires electronic submission, you may use Dr. Romanczyk's e-mail address ( or Dr. Gillis's e-mail address (
  • Dr. Romanczyk and Dr. Gillis do not write letters for the CDC or Interfolio.
  • Dr. Romanczyk and Dr. Gillis require 3 - 4 weeks to complete and mail letters of recommendation, from the date paperwork is submitted until the date the letter is due to the school.
  • Letters are written only for students who have taken 2 of the ABA track courses (i.e., 355, 493, 494, 476R) OR students who have taken 1 and are currently enrolled in the second for at least 8 weeks.