Undergraduate Track in Applied Behavior Analysis

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The ABA Track at Binghamton University was the first undergraduate program in the nation to receive course sequence approval by the international Behavior Analyst Certification Board.

Currently the courses follow the general structure of the BACB 4th edition task list specifications.

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First course required for the ABA Track: PSYC 355: Laboratory in Child Behavior

If interested in enrolling in PSYC 355, there will be a General Interest Meeting (GIM) offered each semester prior to the desired semester of enrollment for PSYC 355. The GIM is typically held at the ICD. In order to enroll in PSYC 355, you must attend this meeting to meet with a course instructor for permission to enroll. Any students who are in their sophomore year or higher and who have taken at least one psychology course are encouraged to apply. Announcements for the GIM are sent out by the Psychology Department to all majors. 

PSYC 355 meets University GenEd Laboratory (L) requirements and is an approved departmental laboratory course.

About the Undergraduate Track in Applied Behavior AnalysisUrged Students

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) refers to the precise analysis of behavior and learning patterns, as well as the conditions that serve to evoke, establish, and maintain behavior. ABA draws upon the fields or experimental psychology, clinical psychology, developmental psychology, school psychology and experimental behavior analysis.

This is a laboratory/practicum course for students who wish to learn about objective, empirically based concepts and procedures for the assessment, intervention and evaluation of human behavior using Applied Behavior Analysis methodology. Students are held to the highest standards of conduct as the setting for the course is a school program for children with special needs.

Prerequisite course requirements for PSYC 355 vary depending on whether a student is taking the course to fulfill a Gen Ed requirement, to fulfill requirements for the Psychology major, or as part of the ABA Track in psychology. Prerequisites could include: PSYC 243 and PSYC 344; PSYC 220 is strongly recommended. PSYC 356 is prerequisite OR co-requisite.

  • The ABA track is designed to prepare students who have a strong interest in children’s services for graduate school and/or careers in human services, specifically in the fields of:
  • Clinical psychology
  • Special education
  • School Psychology
  • Speech/language pathology
  • Research

The ABA Track is supported by a generous grant from the Brian and Gale Paul Fund.

For further details on the Psychology Major or the ABA Track within the Psychology Major, please visit the Department of Psychology's website.