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Referrals for the Spring 2015 semester

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The CULD Program, established in 1974, is an after-school program that emphasizes academic skills, appropriate classroom behavior, development of positive attitudes toward academic work, attention skills, self-control, and perseverance. Also, CULD provides a unique environment to support the development of positive peer relationships during structured activities. Our program functions as an independent clinic, hosted at the Institute for Child Development on the Binghamton University Campus, to complement services offered in a typical school setting for children ages 6-11 years old. Emphasis is placed on individual evaluation of each child's assets and deficits, past history, current abilities, and specific learning patterns. Our program is short-term, with the average length of student enrollment spanning four terms or less.

Girl doing math on the chalk board The CULD Program cannot accept children who have significant behavior and emotional problems or cognitive impairment. Children diagnosed with a developmental delay should contact the program to determine eligibility for admission.

To help achieve a child's potential, the CULD Program utilizes the following techniques:

  • Intensive one-to-one and small group instruction.
  • Highly individualized programming specific to skill level and pace of each child.
  • A complex and highly refined motivational system that provides each child with positive incentives to learn appropriate behaviors and to develop positive attitudes toward academic work and group activities in general.
  • Precise measurement and analysis of child performance/progress to aid in continual monitoring and modification of child-specific programs.
Available Terms (start dates vary annually):
  • Spring Term: February – May
  • Fall Term: September – December

*For both terms, children may attend up to 3 sessions per week from Monday to Wednesday between the hours of 4 - 5:30PM.

Referrals and Enrollment

  • For additional information or questions about our program, please call (607) 777-3313.
  • Directions to the ICD
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~Sponsored by Binghamton University and tuition donations made by families of attending children~