CAS - Council on Autism Services


The CAS evolved from discussions over several years at various conferences by individuals committed to high standards of service delivery who also shared a commitment to evidence-based practice. Dissatisfaction was expressed with the lack of suitable conferences for program directors and the poor quality of conference content on ASD service delivery for both staff and directors at existing national and regional conferences.


The primary purpose of the CAS is to bring together executive and program directors who conduct programs for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and who embrace an evidence-based approach to delivering and evaluating services. The goal of the CAS is to create a working network of service providers to share high level information and identify gaps or needs facing service delivery organizations. The focus of activities is an annual conference each January to promote discussion, interaction, and identification of issues and solutions.

Mission Statement

To meet the needs of individuals with ASD through improving the effectiveness and quality of service delivery programs.


The 6th Annual gathering of the CAS will take place in Las Vegas on Monday January 13th and Tuesday 14th, 2014 at the Flamingo Conference Center in Las Vegas, NV. Please see AGENDA for information on conference schedule and new offerings. Please see SPEAKERS for information about our invited conference speakers. The conference is by invitation only.
Thank you to those organizations that sponsored the 2013 meeting! Without your support our conference would not be possible. If you would like to be a sponsor or would like more information about becoming a CAS sponsor please see the Sponsorship Information section of our website or email us at

Special conference sponsors for 2014.

Thank you to the following "Early Responder" organizations who are sponsoring the 2014 CAS meeting! Please join them in supporting CAS.

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CAS Conference Program Structure

Conference Chairs: Main Conference - Raymond G. Romanczyk
Leadership Academy - Joanne Gerenser

CAS Executive Committee:

Raymond G. Romanczyk
Dr. Romanczyk is Executive Director of the Institute for Child Development at SUNY Binghamton, NY.
Joanne Gerenser
Dr. Gerenser is Executive Director of the Eden II Programs, Staten Island, NY.
Danny Openden
Dr. Openden is President and CEO of Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center in Phoenix, AZ.
Emily Callahan
Dr. Callahan is the Director of Outpatient Behavioral Services at the Virginia Institute of Autism in Charlottesville, VA.

The 2014 Conference Planning Committee:

Steve Anderson
Emily Callahan
Lani Fritts
Joanne Gerenser
Adrienne Kessler
Ronald Leaf
Linda LeBlanc
Ethan Long
John McEachin
Steve Muller
Raymond Romanczyk
Jennifer Toomey Starr
Sarah Trautman-Eslinger
Joyce Tu

Conference management: Raymond G. Romanczyk and Emily Callahan